From sensors to applications, Longview is the single comprehensive solution for your IoT

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Watch our video to learn how the Longview IoT solution provides visibility and intelligence for your business, and can help prevent loss of assets, time and money.

Track, measure, and manage the people, places, and things that matter most

Get easy-to-use, end-to-end IoT solutions that do what your business needs them to

Stop worrying about building an IoT solution—just pick one and start using it

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Patent-pending Super-B protocol offers in-field upgrades and bandwidth optimization

Based on open LoRa standards but built for future compatibility

Mesh-networked gateways reduce network connection costs

Triple-layer security integrated in both hardware and software

Real-time visibility and control using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop

Cloud-based analytics for predictive maintenance

Easily add new sensors, alerts, and reports to your solution

Optional solar and battery power

Ever-expanding portfolio of sensors and solutions

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Industry Solutions

Construction / Mining

Protect your tools and equipment from theft or loss, while tracking and monitoring your job site for safety and compliance.

Oil & Gas

Track your workers and contractors to make sure they are safe and get your turn around done ahead of schedule.

Auto Dealer

Instantly find any vehicle on the lot with one simple mobile app that never takes breaks and never calls in sick.


From cattle location and data to tank levels, gate status and pasture moisture, track your entire ranch in your hand.


Track and optimize the usage of your valuable medical equipment with greater security throughout your medical facility.

Apartments / Hospitality

Protect your units from water damage, track your assets, monitor key in-unit devices and even monitor rodent traps!

Smart Cities / Regions

Track and optimize your city's key services - from lighting to waste management - by deploying your own IoT network.

Higher Education

Track and optimize your campus services - from lighting to waste management - by deploying your own IoT network.


Track and optimize your meter reading and create an IoT network that you can monetize.

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